Page options

In addition to the zuix-web-starer base options, the following options are available.

Front matter data


Available layouts:


When using mdl style, also the theme variable can be added to the front matter for specifying the material theme to be used (e.g. indigo-pink, amber-green, etc...).


Icon associated to the page. This icon is currently shown next to the page name in the side drawer's menu of the side_drawer layout.


A 256x256 preview image to be used in cards list, like the ones used in the home page.


This web-app template is a component based application that takes advantages of zuix.js library, a very versatile and fast library for creating components.

The following components are used:

All the above components are part of zKit library, a library of components built with zuix.js.
To learn more about how to create and load components, see zuix.js website.

Files structure in brief

Template engine folders:

./source/_data     # data folder
./source/_filters  # filters
./source/_inc      # includes and layouts
./templates/tags/  # user-defined components liquid tags

zuix.js components folders:

./source/app  # user-defined components

Global asset files and folders:


Site search index and SEO:

./source/search-index.json.njk  # search-index builder script
./source/sitemap.njk            # sitemap generator script

Main pages:

./source/home.liquid   # home page
./source/index.liquid  # landing page

Content pages:

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